We lease printers of all types for all kinds of businesses.

We all know that owning printers can be a costly affair; not only due to the initial price but the amount it costs to run and maintain the machines. The simple reason for leasing a piece of equipment is to avoid a lump sum of expenditure being taken out of the company in the one go which can disorientate the balance of the accounts.

Computer Leasing Services from Standard IT and Computer Services Limited

Being in a deficit is never a positive thing so if it is possible to avoid doing so then other options must be considered. There are of course benefits to owning a printer rather than leasing such as having no responsibility to outside agents and being able to use freely without worrying about damages. However, below we will discuss the benefits of leasing over ownership and how it can in fact help push your business in the right direction.

Budget – As with any business the most important thing is profit and loss. Ensuring that your company stays afloat and is always able to function financially is the priority so leasing instead of purchasing is always a smart move. This allows for regular monthly payments as opposed to one lump sum which can help maintain economic stability.

Versatility – When you make an outright payment for a piece of equipment you commit to it for the foreseeable future. However, if you opt to lease equipment from a vendor you have the option to change your mind and swap for different items, pick numerous ones simultaneously or simply return them at short notice.

Asset Responsibility – You needn’t worry about how much the machinery depreciates as you will not be selling it on. Since the equipment is owned by another company you do not have the added stresses of worrying about any gradual wears and tears which will reduce its value. This does not mean you can mistreat an item as you will still have to pay damages but it does reduce financial investment risks.

Clear inventory – By leasing you therefore reduce any stock of equipment on records and do not have to worry about freeing up space for new items. You can simply return the previous ones. This also means no concerns over correct disposal for environmental factors as the parent company must deal with its safe recycling.

Financial Benefits – Leasing printers may entitle you to receive additional tax write-offs in terms of monthly operational costs which you can put down in expenses. The money freed up from this and the fact that you have not spent large expenditure in one go allows you to invest in other areas of the business as well in order to evolve successfully.