Standard IT & Computer Services Ltd is registered in Uganda to provide standard ICT Solutions in the three areas of Small Enterprises, Medium Enterprises  and Organizations (SME). Our team of highly skilled Technical persons has provided innovative solutions to our existing clients.  This has helped build strong confidence to the customers in the services and solutions we offer.

Over the years we have become a symbol of the dynamic  (rapid changes) in ICT services and also have become a partner in the growth and development of organizations / businesses.

We plan to achieve more of this through provision of reliable technologies and innovative solutions.  We have carried forward both the good practices and the standards thus for those  who  already know  us, they should be HAPPY that  we are still here for them.

New customers should expect plenty of ICT innovations, around systems they may already have or new systems that might help them improve on the way things are done. Also they should expect better services regarding; supplies, maintenance, support and so on. Standard IT & Computer Services Ltd is unique because we do not only offer supplies, maintenance, support Install/ setup systems, but we also fine-tune (customize) these Services to our client’s needs, in order to provide operational, cost-effective and relevant solutions.

We intend to make our clients get a return on their information Technology investment by supplying, maintaining, supporting, developing, optimizing and customizing both  existing  and  new  ICT  equipments and  systems  to  deliver desired or enhanced results.


  • We have strong Emphasis on customer satisfaction
  • We actively indulge in Proactive marketing
  • Without forgetting Strong presence in the market
  • It even gets better: Strong technical support services
  • We Aggressively pursue large tenders at a National level and beyond
  • We Offer Low margin and high volume sales strategy
  • We also have Established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers
  • We have Experience in doing business on National level and beyond